13 August 2011

Chicken On Skewers - Teriyaki Style - BeMyOwnChef Recipes

If you're looking for something easy. This is the real star dish that you can enjoy just by itself or mix on top of rice or pasta. You can use this recipe with other meats as well if you like. Taré literally means 'dripping' and is a general term for thickened sauces, for example, Yakitori Sauce and Teriyaki Sauce.

Make your Teriyaki sauce:

4 tbsp Sake
6 tbsp Shoyu (Japanese Soy Sauce)
1.5 tbsp mirin
1 tbsp castor sugar

Combine all the Taré ingredients in a pot and bring to boil over medium heat. Simmer for 5-6 minutes, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Remove from the heat and set aside.


12 chicken thighs, with skin, boned
12-18 spring onion (scallions), white parts
24 pre-soaked bamboo skewers (15cm/6in)
24 small okra, trimmed
Lemon wedges to garnish
Sansho pepper and/or Shicimi (seven-spice chili) powder (optional)


Trim the fats from the chicken thighs and cut into 4cm square cubes. Cut the spring onions to about 4 cm or similar length to that of okra. Alternatively, chop all your assorted vegetables (1 tomato, 1/4 cucumber and 1 small onion) into roughly the same size as the chicken pieces.

Keep the bamboo skewers soaked in water until the last minute. This will prevent them from burning. Alternatively, wrap the ends of the bamboo skewers with foil pieces. It will not burn this way.

Thread 3 pieces of chicken meat on each skewer to make a total of 24 skewers. Thread 3 spring onions and 2 okras alternatively onto each skewer to make 12 skewers. I did a mixture of both, alternating chicken pieces with vegetable pieces. Grill or barbecue on high the chicken pieces for 3-4 minutes. Then turn over and grill 2-3 minutes until both sides are lightly browned. Remove from heat, one at a time, and baste with the Taré and return to the heat to dry the sauce. Repeat this process a few more times until all chicken skewers are golden brown.

Alternatively, half the skewers can be white-grilled ans sprinkled with seasalt instead of basting. Grill the vegetable skewers in the same way as chicken, but for a shorter time, 1-2 minutes on each side. Arrange skewers onto serving plate and serve hot, garnished with lemon wedge together with Sansho pepper.
Serve 4 to 5 person.

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